Lief Reclaimed

A small Welsh business focussed on reclaiming natural, luxury and unique textiles and giving them a new lease of life! Anna makes luxurious cashmere handwarmers, scarves, and other garments and accessories. It was was born from a great passion for reclaiming unwanted quality fabrics and material and to create beautiful, unique long lasting luxury accessories and home décor and protecting the Earth.

Anna’s vision has remained the same since Lief began; to save unwanted quality materials from their usual fate of landfill and to carefully and skilfully re-love them into a unique collection of creations that bring a little joy in life and that all have a special story.

Each item is personally handmade in Anna’s Conwy workshop. Beautifully handmade, reclaimed cashmere, leather, wool (and more) accessories for luxury but thoughtfully sustainable style.

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