Lets celebrate our Plastic Free Achievements!

Helen Chambers, Director, Eco Communities With it being plastic free July quite often our thoughts turn to what we aren’t doing and need to start.  So this week I wanted to focus on what we HAVE achieved as a community in reducing plastic.  Starting with our plastic reduction since we started taking steps in ourContinue reading “Lets celebrate our Plastic Free Achievements!”

Can we make better use of School Uniform?

Helen Chambers, Director Eco Communities With the rising cost of living school uniform is something that most families are dreading the thought of, which makes sense as Uniform actually gets thrown out far quicker than it wears out. I have just totalled up the cost for my eldest going up a size in most ofContinue reading “Can we make better use of School Uniform?”

Tellus Friday Reflections – Fast Fashion

Helen Chambers, Director Eco Communities This week I have been re-reading the book Fashionopolis by Dana Thomas and it has reminded me about what a mountain we still need to climb in terms of solving fast fashion. There are many astonishing stats in this book (and I would highly recommend reading it) but one thatContinue reading “Tellus Friday Reflections – Fast Fashion”