Do you know one of the worst things we can put into land fill?

I’ll give you a clue it generates 70 times more green house gas emissions than plastic when sent to landfill… It’s our food waste! Although it doesn’t take hundreds of years to break down like plastic does, the way it breaks down in landfill without air, releases methane, which is a more potent green houseContinue reading “Do you know one of the worst things we can put into land fill?”

It’s getting colder…tips to keep warm!

The temperature has definitely dropped over the last couple of weeks. Luckily this winter there is a lot of useful information out there about how to reduce our energy usage. Anyone else finding it a bit overwhelming with all the information available through? I am also finding it to be conflicting in places. For thoseContinue reading “It’s getting colder…tips to keep warm!”

Chester Zoo Wildlife Connections and Champions

WHAT IS WILDLIFE CONNECTIONS?Wildlife Connections is a project led by Chester Zoo. Its aim is to create safe spaces for our local wildlife. You can get involved by; If you want to join the Wildlife Champions course then there are still spaces available for November 2022.

The Amazing Benefits to the Planet of Organic Produce

Helen Chambers, Director Eco Communities I have been learning more about organic farming this week and have to say I didn’t realise what a positive impact is has on so many areas. With a massive 72% of land in the UK (excluding woodland) being agricultural it feels so important we have more of it forContinue reading “The Amazing Benefits to the Planet of Organic Produce”

Lets celebrate our Plastic Free Achievements!

Helen Chambers, Director, Eco Communities With it being plastic free July quite often our thoughts turn to what we aren’t doing and need to start.  So this week I wanted to focus on what we HAVE achieved as a community in reducing plastic.  Starting with our plastic reduction since we started taking steps in ourContinue reading “Lets celebrate our Plastic Free Achievements!”

Can we make better use of School Uniform?

Helen Chambers, Director Eco Communities With the rising cost of living school uniform is something that most families are dreading the thought of, which makes sense as Uniform actually gets thrown out far quicker than it wears out. I have just totalled up the cost for my eldest going up a size in most ofContinue reading “Can we make better use of School Uniform?”

Is Fast Fashion Destroying our Planet

Helen Chambers, Director Eco Communities This week I have been re-reading the book Fashionopolis by Dana Thomas and it has reminded me about what a mountain we still need to climb in terms of solving fast fashion. There are many astonishing stats in this book (and I would highly recommend reading it) but one thatContinue reading “Is Fast Fashion Destroying our Planet”