Plastic Free Cheshire

We have linked with Surfers Against Sewage to support businesses and communities in achieving plastic free status. So far they have a network of over 4,000 businesses and 800 communities across the UK all working towards the same goal—to kick the addiction to single use plastic.

People are more and more conscious of what they are buying and who they are buying from. We achieved Plastic Free Chester with Surfers Against Sewage in 2018 and decided to use everything we had learnt to help other regions and then we went for the big one….. we are aiming for Plastic Free Cheshire …….eventually.

I’m an individual how can I help get involved?

Check out our flyer.

  • Join Cheshire Cup Club.
  • Download the Refill App.
  • Use our litter pick hubs.
  • Get your community group or organisation to make a Plastic Free Pledge.
  • Check out our flyer.

I’m a Chester business how can I get involved?

To become a Plastic Free Cheshire business through Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) – you need to give up/ have given up or never used (something you don’t usse a similar business might) at least 3 items of single use plastic.

You can do this directly with SAS…

Or with our help…. If you would like any help or training with your plastic audit then please get in-touch with us; 

TIPS – banishing three items of single use-plastic doesn’t have to be too hard – try and do a ‘plastic audit’ of your business to see what you’re using and what you could potentially do without, or change.

Some ideas of the items to consider are: promotional balloons, party poppers, plastic cutlery, plastic-backed napkins, tea bags containing plastic, plastic bottled drinks, water cooler plastic cups, single-use ink cartridges, sauce sachets, office milk in plastic bottles and bubble wrap. Once you start looking around there are plenty of ways to cut-back on the plastic you’re using. 

THEN – Surfers Against Sewage will go through the approval stage. After which you will get a plaque, certificate & digital businesses champion stamp. Prove you are tackling the overconsumption of single use plastic and changing the system that produces it.