Plogging comes to Chester this spring

A monthly litter-pick with a difference is set to be launched this Saturday at the Grosvenor Park in Chester to help spring clean the city. The Plogability campaign aims to do its bit to keep Chester clean by organising family-friendly walking and jogging litter-picks on the first Saturday of every month through Spring. Two routesContinue reading “Plogging comes to Chester this spring”

What’s my Carbon Footprint?

A personal carbon footprint measures the greenhouse gases which are emitted as a result of the activities of an individual. Typically it’s measured in kilograms or tonnes of carbon dioxide ‘equivalents’. This is because whilst carbon dioxide is the main greenhouses gas it also needs to include other gases such as methane and nitrous oxideContinue reading “What’s my Carbon Footprint?”

Sustainable Travel – How flying impacts on climate change

Around 2.4% of global CO2 emissions come from aviation. Together with other gases and the water vapour trails produced by aircraft, the industry is responsible for around 5% of global warming. *BBC   Even though Brits fly more on average than any other country, more than half of us took no flights at all last year. 22% took one returnContinue reading “Sustainable Travel – How flying impacts on climate change”

Sustainable Money  -How can my money reduce Climate Change? 

Are your savings for the future being used to make that future worse? Choose a bank that invests in the type of things you agree with. Your money will help slow climate change, create jobs and drive green industries. Ask yourself in which companies your pension or investments are held.   Many people still have theContinue reading “Sustainable Money  -How can my money reduce Climate Change? “

Join our Carbon Footprint Friends Project via Giki and rethink your home energy bills

Save energy, save money, save carbon   Home energy bills are going up fast. So, here are some steps to help cut your heating bills immediately to save energy, save money and save carbon too.As heating uses energy and creates carbon emissions, saving energy is a great way to save money and carbon too. SoContinue reading “Join our Carbon Footprint Friends Project via Giki and rethink your home energy bills”

HyNet public debate – Thursday 3rd Feb

These two quotes can’t both be right, can they?  Who is right?  Who do we believe? Not surprisingly, HyNet, a major North West industrial project to produce blue hydrogen, has polarised opinion amongst environmental campaigners and those working to decarbonise our cities and businesses.  In an attempt to increase understanding and bridge differences between theContinue reading “HyNet public debate – Thursday 3rd Feb”

The Plastic Free Communities Impact Report: ‘Remarkable’ grassroots action is turning the tide on plastic pollution

Plastic Free Chester joins 831 communities in the UK successfully tackling single use plastic An estimated 29.4 million people in the UK live in a community working on the campaign Plastic is being reduced at an estimated rate of 43 million items per year, 67% of which is directly attributable to the campaign 4,590 businessesContinue reading “The Plastic Free Communities Impact Report: ‘Remarkable’ grassroots action is turning the tide on plastic pollution”

Which region in the England is the most sustainable?

It’s nearly half way through February and so so much is being planned for the region this year, it’s definitely looking like the year Cheshire moves right up that list of Sustainable regions on the heels of those shown in research by Thriving Places. In 2021 the report gave the top spot to Salford which surprisedContinue reading “Which region in the England is the most sustainable?”