Become a Litter Pick Hub

We have been litter picking in the region as part of Plastic Free Chester for the last few years. We are now supporting Plastic Free Cheshire and so want to branch out. Of course lock down stopped group picks, but it was fantastic to see lots of Womble Groups starting or growing during this period. At the moment you need to purchase your own equipment or loan it from the Street Scene team. The team are travelling to deliver odd litter pickers to residents which seems to go against the aims of reducing our Carbon Footprint, so we applied for funding from Cheshire West and Cheshire Council to create Litter Pick Hubs. If you have a business premises where you could store and allow the public to get equipment we could set you up with an A board, if you have somewhere you could store a Wheelie Bin which is accesible please let us know.

A Boards 

Would you like to hold some of our litter pick equipment on your premisses to encourage people to keep where you are based litter free? We have a few A boards fully funded to go to the ‘Pilot’ locations and we would like you to be one of these. Any later boards will need to be purchased via local Members Budget funding (speak to your Councillor)  

We ask that you site these in a suitable location during the day. They aim to discourage littering and point anyone wanting to litter pick in your direction to collect a set of equipment which will need to be brough back afterwards.  


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Wheelie Bins 

These are orange so different to the council ones, they will be branded, but the equipment will be contained in the bin rather than your premises. The bin will be locked with a coded padlock which registered volunteers will be given. All we ask if you check on this regularly and report and missing or broken items to us.  

Litter Equipment – we will loan you a set amount of equipment which you will provide to the public for free– anyone litter picking will needed to pre-register or register on the day to be able to loan our equipment. We will take back any broken litter pickers and replace these. 

Collected litter – Litter will be placed at a designated council bin near your location. The litter collector will report this to CWAC on the council app.  

Recycling On the Go Litter – we hope each Litter Pick Hub will be able to have a residential recycle bin for cans and plastic – pickers need to be able to leave these items in this container and as a hub you agree to put this out on local household recycle days to be emptied where provided.  

We would love to have you onboard, hope to hear from you soon, best wishes Helen T and Helen C and the Eco Communities Team.