What a weekend!

Angharad, Eco Communities

As I live in the area, the Neston Earth Festival is close to my heart and I had a fantastic Sunday afternoon meeting lots of Neston residents who came out to talk with Helen T and I about Plastic Free Neston, a project we started only in January 2023.  While we were there we spoke a lot about the problem with plastic and what we can do to help reduce plastic waste, especially single use plastic?

Plastic can be incredibly useful. Diabetics use it for syringes, arthritic patients rely on it for hip replacements, and construction workers wear it to protect their heads, without it, we wouldn’t have computers, mobile phones or cars. The problem is single-use plastics and the eye-watering quantities we consume. Every week you may purchase a plastic bag , use it for just 15 minutes, dispose of it, but it could take 100-300 years to degrade. If we could reduce, or eliminate single use plastic we could significantly reduce legacy waste and our plastic free pledge is looking to do just that.                                       

We don’t expect Neston to be totally plastic free. Our aim is to tackle the single-use plastic crisis, so that’s the avoidable stuff that’s everywhere. Things like plastic drinks bottles, disposable coffee cups, sachets, bathroom plastics, excessive food packaging, takeaway containers etc. These are the things that have a huge impact on our environment and which we can make changes to eliminate.

Neston businesses and community groups have really got on board with Plastic Free Neston. We have our first Plastic Free hairdresser, which is quite an achievement in a industry heavily consuming plastic, even the Rainbows and Scout group are looking at how they can reduce their single use plastic. It really is something every business and group can achieve.

If you’re a business in Cheshire and you would like to be accredited a plastic free champion we’re asking you to eliminate 3 single use items from your business operations. Permanently.  If you are already doing lots of good stuff, those items could be something you don’t use that a similar business might. You can register your business with surfers against sewage, and add your information or allow Sustainable Cheshire to support you.

As a community, Neston has done enough to achieved Plastic Free status, we are just waiting for confirmation. Even so we are still looking to continue growing our plastic free champions. So, if you want to reduce your single plastic usage, and get the credit you deserve, then please do get in touch with us.

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I’m a partner and Ethical Financial Adviser, I’m Director of Eco Community UK Community Interest Company which I set up to help individuals and businesses be more sustainable.

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