Hydro Power on the River Dee takes a step closer

This is great news for CHASE. The image below is of the Hydro Electric Building on the River Dee Chester, dating back to 1913, it stopped producing power in 1951, it was then the only hydroelectric plant in England generating power with tidal and headwaters.

I have lived in Chester now for nearly 30 years and always wondered why it had been left to go to ruin. I even pre invested in a project to renovate it around 5 years ago that wasn’t viable in the end.

Did you know the Hydro Hub used to generate almost half of Chesters power as clean carbon free electricity, from 1914 to 1949. We had it so right in Chester all those years ago and then we stopped, such a shame.

I did my own research to find it’s a Grade II listed building, converted into a waterpumping utilty after its 40 years power generation, before ceasing operation in 2015. The University of Chester’s plan to reinstate it was found not to be feasible, it was felt the turbines would attract the Dee’s migrant salmon. Not a great end for the salmon.

So after all these years it was great to hear about CHASEs plans for the Hydro Hub to redevelop the building as a visitor and education centre. CHASE is working alongside Cheshire Historic Buildings Preservation Trust to develop designs and plans for operation as an education centre for schools, residents, visitors and potential new business hub. The focal point for residents, schools and visitors to learn about what a low carbon world will look like and how all aspects of our lives will change as new technologies remove emissions from our industry, commerce, agriculture, homes, transport and food.

A hugely exciting project.

The AHF grant will fund the cost of a project manager, architect, business consultant and fundraising manager to help develop plans for the project. Read News Atricle – CLICK

You can find out more about the project Hydro Project Hub and CHASE here – LINK

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