Lets celebrate our Plastic Free Achievements!

Helen Chambers, Director, Eco Communities

With it being plastic free July quite often our thoughts turn to what we aren’t doing and need to start.  So this week I wanted to focus on what we HAVE achieved as a community in reducing plastic. 

Starting with our plastic reduction since we started taking steps in our Giki account together.  In total from our commitments and achievements we have saved 1,789 items of single use plastic from landfill by taking small steps in our own lives.   

These are the top 3 most plastic saving steps we have already completed:  

I am one who has switched my milk to a weekly delivery and I wish I’d done it sooner.  You can order online and change your order up to 9PM the night before your next delivery.  I was really pleased to see they deliver oat milk, and you can also order others items last minute (like bread) if you need something for the morning.  If you are in the Cheshire or the North West of the UK then I recommend Mortons Dairies but I am sure there are others out there.  If you know of any we’d love to hear from you at Our Eco Community

The top 3 most plastic saving steps that we are currently trying are also below:  

I haven’t yet put a stop to junk mail so I think I will try this one next. I found this site which might be helpful to others looking to do the same.

I have though changed to plastic free periods, if you are looking for recommendations check out the Moon cup and I got this and my reusable pads from Just Footprints in Chester. 

If you haven’t yet joined the Giki account and you want to see what steps you could take towards reducing your plastic then you can join for free here

There are also some more great ideas for cutting your plastic use here in Gikis latest blog.   

To see what else we are doing as a community to reduce plastic with our Plastic Free initiatives and Litter pick hubs head over here for the latest. 

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