Sustainable ways to deal with the ‘cost of living’ challenge

Simon Eardley

We are all feeling the impact of rising costs, higher inflation and trying to make budgets stretch that little bit further. Turmoil across the world is having a big effect on our daily lives and that often means that our priorities shift with concern for the environment or sustainability playing second fiddle to feeding ourselves with the same amount of money each week or getting to and from work with fuel prices substantially more than they used to be.

Yet it doesn’t need to be this way. 

It is estimated that, in the UK, 6.7 million tonnes of food is wasted per year which totals to costs of something like £10.2 billion each year or up to £400 per household per year – it might even be more.

Food waste is a massive problem but there are solutions out that and they needn’t bust your wallet either. I’ve recently discovered the ‘Too Good To Go‘ app from reading Eco Communties Tellus Magazine which is available for download in all the usual ways.

The app links you up with food and other outlets who have items that would otherwise go to waste and whilst they might not be at their very best, they are perfectly edible and as the app’s name suggests, are far too good to do in the bin! Take a look at this bundle of fresh fruit and veg from the great Hoole Food Market on Faulkner Street – all for just £2.99!

What a shame it would have been to see that load of healthy food go to waste and in rescuing it from being discarded, it’s a fantastic way to help your weekly budget stretch a little bit further.

Win win as far as I can see!

Published by plasticfreenorthener

I’m a partner and Ethical Financial Adviser, I’m Director of Eco Community UK Community Interest Company which I set up to help individuals and businesses be more sustainable.

2 thoughts on “Sustainable ways to deal with the ‘cost of living’ challenge

  1. I’m amazed at the loose wallets of some people. Idling cars – big ones too; holidays by air; garden makeovers (not eco-friendly either); demolition and new build – with new materials; lots of other bin-and-buy-new, Not just stoking clilmate change, but, in part, financing Putin’s war.


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