The Battle of the Packaging

Helen Tandy, Director, Eco Communities

This blog came out of a combination of WhatsApp messages, a chat in the pub and an email.

We somehow got onto the topic of Beer in bottles and cans last night visiting the new That Beer Place venue in Chester, not sure why as we were on draught ale. A guy Rhian knows mentioned the shortage in materials to make bottles at the moment, and that reminded me of an unread email I had from Toast Ales I have just gone back to read.

Cans have a much lower carbon footprint than bottles – less than half of the emissions (cans weighing in at 126g CO2 versus bottles at 284g CO2). Benefiting from g lightweight (heavy glass means more emissions in transport) and widely recycled (85% of aluminium cans go another round).

You might see less glass beers around the shops, the rise in production costs are expected to result in a global shortage of glass bottles as the price is expected to rise by as much as 80% the Grocer reports.. READ

Toast gives you these tips for bottle lovers.

1. Recycle your empties (if you live somewhere without kerbside collection of glass, you might have a local campaign on your hands!)
2. Support local breweries – imported bottles of beer have been on a long, carbon-intensive journey so it’s better to buy local! 

We absolutely agree with it’s winner, get down to your local, draught beer is a package free winner, make sure the pub uses steel returnable Kegs and that your drinking from reusable glasses of course…….

Read more on Toast Ales and its Impact Report which is where its data here….

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