Call to Chester businesses

Have you been reading more about Net Zero and sustainability?

We are reaching out to highlight a few projects that we are working on right now in your local area that might resonate with your business.

Eco Communities is a Community Interest organisation created with the aim of promoting and supporting green, eco, sustainable and plastic free projects and businesses in the region.  

In December of 2018 we achieved Plastic Free Chester status with Surfers Against Sewage, in order to do this, we needed the support of over 30 businesses in Chester, all of whom swapped out or completely stopped using three items of single use plastic within their business. We have created a project Sustainable Cheshire to carry on the plastic free initiatives and open up the aims around sustainable business and sustainable living.  

First off, we want to put Chester on the map for sustainability and part of this is to renew Plastic Free Chester. We also desperately want to bring a city-wide reusable cup project to the region, starting in Chester working with the organisation behind Shrewsbury Cup. 

But how does my business fit in? 

 If you not already part of Plastic Free Chester, maybe now is the time to get involved.  

 Another key component of Chester’s green revolution is our support of the Refill campaign, a campaign set up where businesses in your local area will sign up to mark themselves as a business that invites people to come to refill their water canisters and bottles to cut down on plastic waste. 

Lastly, we are currently raising money to bring in a reusable cup scheme for hot drinks. How much do you spend on single use take away cups? The Cheshire Reusable Cup scheme could reduce littering in our city, reduce our carbon footprint and long term reduce business costs.  

The main problem around reusables is that people forget to take one with them from home. What if they could get a hot drink from one shop paying a deposit for a reusable cup, then drop the cup off at another participating business in Chester?  

Lastly, thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you so that you can join our community and we can help support each other and the planet

Published by plasticfreenorthener

I’m a partner and Ethical Financial Adviser, I’m Director of Eco Community UK Community Interest Company which I set up to help individuals and businesses be more sustainable.

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