Which region in the England is the most sustainable?

It’s nearly half way through February and so so much is being planned for the region this year, it’s definitely looking like the year Cheshire moves right up that list of Sustainable regions on the heels of those shown in research by Thriving Places. In 2021 the report gave the top spot to Salford which surprised me, expected to see Bristol or Oxford but great news for the North West. 

The Sustainability element of it’s scoring is a combined score taking account of Energy Use, Waste, and Green Infrastructure. These look at whether Local Conditions are delivered without negatively impacting the environment. Higher scores indicate better Sustainability, relative to how England is doing on average.

Salford region was top with a score of 6.71, Manchester – 6.19, where Cheshire West scored only 4.39 which is below the average of 5.5 in England. Cheshire West is however working on lots of future project with these regions and so hopefully we will see some changes. A good one to keep an eye on.

It also looks at more than just sustainability – if you want to see more you can read more on the website. – CLICK HERE

So many projects are going on to help the region. The list is huge but just some that we are supporting or will be involved in are the Green EXPO in June by CHASE, Festival for our Future by Cheshire West Museums in July, Great Big Green Week in September we will be promoting the regions activities and of course our Great Big Green Week Festival will be back in Grosvenor Park – so it’s all very exciting. 

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I’m a partner and Ethical Financial Adviser, I’m Director of Eco Community UK Community Interest Company which I set up to help individuals and businesses be more sustainable.

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