This November’s Conference of the Parties (COP) is critical for the future of our planet but why?

By Helen Tandy

I have been campaigning for almost as long as the UN have spoken about the climate yet little progress has been made. This year’s COP will be the most significant yet, being widely thought of as the last chance for world leaders to commit to action on climate change before we reach the 2030 deadline.

2021 marks the 26th year of the conference, with last year’s meeting being postponed due to Covid. You will see reference to COP26 on social media.

With more than 20,000 delegates from 197 countries attending the event in Glasgow, along with 120 heads of state at the main event. But, Glasgow will also host lots of fringe events that anyone can get involved in, which will further increase the number of visitors to the city.

Information on the Climate Fringe COP26 –

Holyrood COP26 Fringe Festival –

You will have noticed a huge increase in the press and online about Climate Change and we can all get involved in some way.

 What is The Paris Agreement?

Agreed at COP21, The Paris Agreement is an international treaty signed by almost all countries in the world, in Paris in 2015. It’s aim was to keep the rise in the global average temperature to ‘well below’ 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels, ideally 1.5 degrees.                                                              

What does COP26 aim to achieve and why is it important?

COP26 is a critical summit for global climate action. To have a chance of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees, global emissions must halve by 2030 and reach ‘net-zero’ by 2050.

Their role is to come up with a viable plan that will protect humans, animals and nature from a climate catastrophe of unknown scale but of certain devastation.

This year’s COP is important because it is the year that all countries will reflect on how well they’ve achieved these aims, as well as submit their long-term goals.

Sadly, the commitments laid out in Paris did not come close to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees – meaning the years approaching 2030 will be crucial.

With COP26, countries must go much further than they did in order to keep the hope of holding temperature rises to 1.5 alive.

What can I do in the run up to COP26?

1 – Read more about the issues, we have worked a lot with The Climate Coalition and they have some great resources. LINK

The Climate Coalitions 10 Point Plan – READ

2- Join our Carbon Footprint Friends Project and make changes to how you live – JOIN

3- Join a Campaign Group, Climate Action Chester & District is a group of members of Friends of the Earth Chester & District – MORE INFO

4- Attend one of the events under What’s on.

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